Selected Works

Company Overview Documentary 

The Crosby Connection

Part of a series featuring brewers who use Crosby Hops.

Promotional Explainer Testimonial 

Meet Our Students

Over 100 students submitted testimonies to create this compilation video highighting the benefits of the SFW School.

Company Overview Recruiting

Wilvet is recruiting!

As the company grew, Wilvet continued to hire us to promote their new facilities, technology, and specialists.

Funny Narrative Commercial

Screaming Meanie Forte 9″

Directed and Co-written by Ashley Terry, we closed down an Ashley Furniture store for this one (no relation, haha).

Recruiting Educational Promo

Beyond the Degree: A College of Engineering Education

Representation is an important element in video. It’s important when you are at the decision-makers table to look around and see who’s missing.

Anniversary Event NPO

20th Annual Celebrate Kids Breakfast

This was co-produced, directed and edited by Ashley Terry.